Monday, May 01, 2006

Mayday Madrigals @ Oxford

'We'll be leaving at 4.30am to meet the others at 5am....would need to walk through the university parks to get into town...bridge will be closed'

flatmate: 5AM!!!! Are you for real?!?

Anyway, it's been a tradition in Oxford to gather at Magdalen Bridge at 6am on the 1st of May to listen to madrigals being sung from the Magdalen College Tower. (pronounced: Maudlin, not Mag-da-lin). As the choir group was not visible from the street, not too sure whether is it the same children who normally sings during service.

taken during a previous visit to Magdalen College

Similarly with the previous year, Magdalen Bridge was closed this year from 3am onwards to prevent Mayday revellers from partaking in another Oxford tradition - jumping off the bridge into the river!! Last year, over a 100 people managed to jump off the bridge despite it being closed, with 40 or so requiring medical assistance for injuries.

Video credits to Isabelle who recorded it with her camera =)

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Road Signs

Have been wondering what this sign is trying to convey.

A logical assumption would be that it is trying to indicate which way traffic runs...and since this pic was taken right smack in Amsterdam's red light district...sperms are used instead of arrows.

Hmm...but then again, i don't remember seeing any other signs around indicating which way traffic runs!! It's a feat to make it out of Amsterdam without being run over by a tram/car or worst of all...a bicycle as there are absolutely no signages around telling you which way traffic goes.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Random ramblings

Yeah. This place is VERY abandoned. I'm realising that I only come by here when I have datelines approaching, and try to do everything else but what I'm supposed to be doing =) And just often enough to prevent this site from being shut down.

Anyway, have finally gotten around to editing some pics taken in Barcelona, and uploaded them to flickr. Have no idea how to cross-post them over here.

Besides I'm pretty sure nobody would be interested in hearing me ramble on about courseworks, presentations and submissions.


Monday, March 13, 2006


Sorry lads, a wave of remorse swept over me after reading the line....'since this blog is pretty much ABANDONED'.....argh, it makes me feel so bad for contributing so little. I must 'practise' to get the blogging habit!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Identify This Famous Leader

Something posted on one of the YahooGroups:


Once upon a time ... there was a country that had a very well known leader.These are some of the facts about this leader:

- He spent some time in jail due to political reasons.

- He wrote a book about racial issues.

- His party was declared illegal for some time.

- His country was poor until he industrialized it.

- He promoted the creation and manufacturing of the first national car.

- He promoted the development of science in his country.

- He created many large national projects, including highways and large buildings.

- He made sure that his country hosted a world-class sports event.

- Large and impressive stadiums were built for that purpose.

- He had to deal with a severe currency devaluation.

- He insisted that the problems of his country were due to a conspiracy by some ethnic group, foreign powers and obscure elements.

- He criticised the major powers of the world.

- Most of the countries in the world criticised him, but some said he was right.

- He reduced political opposition to an insignificant level, and the press was controlled by him.

- His party ruled the country.

- He had a number two who called for reforms and caused the jealousy of other big shots in the party.

- His number two, who had been with him for around 17 years, was finally removed under accusations of homosexuality and treason.

... and the rest of the story is very well known....

Does this sound familiar ? Do you know who he is ?

Are you sure? Think twice .... because you may be wrong !!

Go right below to find the answer .............
He was ....


Indeed, you were wrong weren't you ?
Simply because you are more than familiar with Malaysia
and Malaysian situations, you thought it was somebody else,
did you not?

Oxford: Part 1

After a long hiatus....

Exam season is in now in full-swing. Being the champion procrastinator that i am, trying to do everything else except study. Since this site has been pretty much left abandoned, decided to put up a series of pics taken over the past few weeks.

Let's start off with the town i'm currently studying in - Oxford. Ah. The City of Dreaming Spires. Yes, yes, world famous for its uni, architecture, history, museums, galleries, la-di-da.

Undeniably, it's a beautiful city. Great place to take a stroll around town and along the meadows on days when the sun is shining since it's less congested compared to places like London, and very safe. However, it's a highly boring place too. For someone who was brought up in KL surrounded by all the shopping malls, Oxford just pales in comparison with its shopping district made up of...what, 3 roads? Bah.

Unless you are into the whole architecture hoo-ha, it's just a big kampung. Zzz..

City Centre

High Street

Cornmarket Street

Queen Street

Broad Street

Intersection between Broad Street/Cornmarket Street/George Street


Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Only into my second week in the UK, I decided to follow my friend to London to retrieve a bag he left at a friend's house and in the meantime see more of London! We took the Oxford Tube which comes by every 10 to 15 minutes and cost us 9 pounds for a return ticket. Just a quick glance at where we went...

Image hosted by
Lincoln's Inn in Holburn.

Image hosted by
More Lincoln's Inn..

Image hosted by
Somewhere around Leicester Square. The parchment the guy is holding reads, "THERE IS NO DARKNESS BUT IGNORANCE".

Image hosted by

Surrounding that particular monument on top, were plaques showing former British colonies. Saw quite a few, including Singapore, Maldives etc

Image hosted by

Forgot the name of this place. Go figure.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Greetings, creatures of earth!

Hmm, nice pics of the underwater creatures, esp the one with the shark. I'm not too clear myself what should I mention in this blog but if 'my experience' is all that sums it up then it shouldn't be a problem. I guess we're still on summer holiday mood therefore no much of blogging eh? My view of the legal field?.....well, I didn't really read law because of my burning desire, passion and all those lame and crappy nouns and adjectives that I used for my application letter and CV, that's for sure. It's not what I really really want to do or to be as well. I'm just making the best out of the choices I that had. How many of us would like to slug 9-9 on a job? I think most of us do it in the hope to earn a decent income sufficient to support our living and to satisfy our cravings on some luxuries in life. I just hope that I do best in what I do.